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    Architectural Visualization

    for Architects, Interior & Product designers, Furniture companies and Private sector

    Studio Maayan creates virtual 3D environments which are a complementary service to the architecture and design fields. Architectural visualization allows the client to experience a space design prior to the physical construction stage, thus providing a powerful real-time tangible planning tools. Using 3D environment is an excellent marketing tool to promote and better understand architectural projects.

  • Animation and image videos

    For marketing and sale of real estate projects

    Studio Maayan produces animations, and promotional films for advertising, marketing and sales. Producing a promotional video begins with understanding and analyzing customer needs and project characteristics: character, target audience, design language, sales highlights, distinctiveness and uniqueness in real estate.

    Later, and according to the analysis and characterization of the project, a storyboard script, which guides all three-dimensional processes, is written and defines the image product. Such projects usually include, regional video, aerial photography, professional video editing, musical accompaniment, and narration in multiple languages.

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    Interior Design Services

    For 3D Environments

    As part of providing a full rendering solution, the studio offers a professional and up-to-date interior design service. We invest a great deal of creative thought in the process, matching design elements such as furniture, textures, lighting and accessories- all in the effort to create a whole, realistic, meticulously designed space.

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    3D Virtual Tour

    for Interior & Exterior Design Projects

    A virtual tour is a highly effective tool in its ability to demonstrate a realistic environment, much like actually being in it. Unlike a video animation where the user takes a passive part, a 3D virtual tour allows the user to take an active part and truly experience space design by controlling the point of view and other interactive elements in the tour. The virtual tour can be used as a website or as an application and can incorporate various add-ons such as: image gallery, text, pop-ups and other elements from the website construction field.

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    Floor Plans

    2D/3D Architectural Plans for Construction Companies

    Studio Maayan provides graphic 2D Architectural floor plans as well as unique 3D project plans. 3D plans allows the clients to easily envision their future property, as well as taking part in the planning phase by actually exploring the construction layout. 3D project plans display the property exactly as the client pictures it – from space layout, furnishing, materials and down to the very last detail of design. These plans are a valuable mean for architects, construction companies and marketing agencies to promote real estate projects to consumers.

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